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Thermo-Auricular Therapy

Hopi ear candles are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a Complementary Therapy for the treatment of Sinusitis and other congestion problems such as rhinitis, flu, headaches, tinnitus and even vertigo.


Relaxation Massage

If you need to relax your body and mind, we suggest a relaxation massage. Deep and relaxing, this message is perfect for relieving stress, relaxing muscles and relieving tension, combating muscle tension, reducing stress, helping the bowel to function properly and lowering blood pressure.

Massagem no Ombro

massage therapist

Therapeutic massage is essentially a localized massage with the aim of gradually recovering the affected area, it relieves pain resulting from stress, muscle contractures, pain due to posture or repetitive efforts, it must be performed frequently to obtain better results.

massagem Terapêutica



Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique whose applied movements are constant, rhythmic and precise, with light pressure, capable of stimulating the lymphatic system, accelerating the process of transporting the lymph to the lymph nodes.
Its benefits are noted in the general detoxification of the body, with the elimination of accumulated liquids and toxins that cause fluid retention, cellulite and localized fat.


Modeling Massage

The aesthetic type is a technique that uses quick and intense maneuvers on the skin, using pressure through kneading and sliding movements. Among the main benefits are: increased tissue oxygenation, breaking down the fat chain, improving muscle tone.

tratamento de spa



Tantra is a philosophy, behavioral, of matriarchal, sensory and non-repressive principles. His meditations, practices and experiences lead to awakening and ascending energy kundalini, which is the vital energy that gives movement to life and consequently all energetic, emotional, mental and physiological processes of individuals. The rise of Kundalini is considered to be born in the pelvic region (basic chakra) and rise through the spine to the top of the head 


Estilo de cabelo

Hair stylist

Hair is something that defines a woman's image. Whether it's short or long, curly or straight. Therefore, it is very important to take care of it so that it is always beautiful, healthy and with that envy-inducing natural glow.
There are things that only a trip to the hairdresser can do for a woman. One of them, for sure, is to leave the woman feeling like a diva, a pop star, pampered as she deserves. It's another to be among professionals who breathe art, beauty and trends.

Procedimento maquiagem permanente

Lip Micropigmentation

Lip micropigmentation is applied to contour the lips and/or give them color, but also volume and symmetry. 

Micropigmentation in the mouth allows for a natural result, without the need for conventional make-up, for approximately one year.

It is a very sought after technique by people with very thin lips, without volume and without color or any scars, or even by people who just want to delay the signs of aging. 

Tratamento facial

Facial cleaning

Skin cleansing is the procedure responsible for sanitizing the skin, that is, it is responsible for removing blackheads and impurities, promoting cell renewal in the region. A skin that is not cleaned properly will suffer from the accumulation of impurities, which in turn will cause pores to clog.

Tratamento facial


PURIFYING is an exclusive professional treatment with a purifying-oxygenating action using COSMETIC DRONE high technology and PURE OXYGEN. Revolutionary and unique treatment that purifies the skin at all levels. Externally, it removes the layer of superficial impurities and facilitates the extraction of comedones (blackheads).


Wax Depilation

Wax depilation provides a smoother and more delicate touch to the skin, unlike the use of blades. Any device that uses these blades to remove hair makes the skin rougher. This is because they cut the thread in half, which can cause discomfort during growth.

Depilação a laser

laser hair removal

laser waxing  is a highly effective method for reducing hair (also known as photoepilation), which works through the incidence of laser rays, in the form of light, on the hair follicle. The laser is attracted to melanin (the substance that gives hair its color) and destroys the hair follicle preventing new hair from developing. And it is precisely for this reason that laser hair removal is only effective on dark hair.

manicure pedicure

manicure and pedicure

Far beyond a luxury, manicures and pedicures are essential to maintain the health of the hands and feet, taking care of the nails and the surrounding skin prevents damage to the nails, keeps them clean and free from disease and fungus. Hands are the mirror of health, personal care without forgetting personality.

Cosmetologia de injeção

lip filler

“Lip filling” is a medical-aesthetic procedure in which, using hyaluronic acid, it is possible to improve the appearance of the lips. The use of hyaluronic acid on the lip allows you to outline its profile, hydrate, volumize and/or fill in the lip, making it more harmonious, proportionate and attractive.

cuidados com a pele

wrinkles and warts

Facial medicine treatments are designed to improve the appearance of facial skin. With just a few sessions and with immediate results, the skin on your face will begin to rejuvenate and regain its normal tone, and, of course, those imperfections, marks, blemishes and scars that have always been in your life will disappear.

Perna cicatrizada

Varicose Veins and Strokes

The integrated and detailed assessment of the type and origin of varicose veins is essential for your health, for the evolution of the clinical and aesthetic results of the treatment.

With few sections and with effective results in this treatment, despite aging being one of the factors that lead to the appearance of strokes, these do not only appear at older ages, being increasingly frequent in young people._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

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Radio frequency

Through the most advanced ultrasonic technology, Radiofrequency is an efficient and lasting solution to treat sagging, activate blood circulation and regenerate the skin.
At Angels Cosmética you can find this non-invasive and painless method. An innovative experience that allows you to have visible results in the first treatment session
In the end, the skin is visibly smoother, firmer and rejuvenated. 

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Cuidados estéticos


Microdermabrasion leaves skin smooth and glowing like no other treatment. A mechanical form of skin exfoliation that is a safe and effective alternative to chemical peels and laser rejuvenation.
This is an excellent treatment for anyone looking to eliminate acne spots and their scars. It is also recommended for the elimination of small stretch marks and other skin imperfections.


Cabelo cacheado exuberante

Healthy Hair

To maintain the health of your hair, you must first of all take care of the scalp, where the bulb is implanted, because it is there that the cells multiply thanks to the presence of essential elements (oxygen, nourishing substances and mineral salts). Hygiene and   care for the scalp and hair must be adapted depending on possible problems, such as itching, irritation, hair loss, oily, dry or fine hair.

Modelo fêmea

Perfect skin

Perfect, healthy skin gives you that extra confidence, but it's not always easy to achieve. To keep your skin's natural glow and radiant appearance for longer, you need to follow some tips and a good skin care routine.

Quality products for perfect, healthy-looking skin.

Tratamento de Sobrancelhas


Symmetrical and well-defined eyebrows help expressiveness and harmony of the face. In addition, the look becomes much more striking, thus highlighting the natural beauty of the person.

Mulher com uma extensão de cílios

Voluminous Eyelashes

Voluminous and expressive eyelashes give a very attractive and seductive look, as well as well-defined eyebrows.

Aware of the importance of the look, we propose a change of look for your eyes.

Find out about the most fashionable techniques to enhance them, and discover a true eye lift.

Produtos de maquiagem diferentes


Good makeup changes the way other people see us. By raising our self-esteem and self-confidence, we become remarkable to other people, and this improves their perception of us.

Many customers are already used to certain products adapted to their skin type and do not want to leave that comfort zone. However, with this conservatism, good opportunities to learn about new textures or technologies and test products that could bring better results are lost.

Experimentando perfume


The subtle touch of a fragrance – combined with the very powerful sense of smell – has the ability to ignite fond memories that can lift spirits, enrich romance, improve mood and lead to an overall feeling of happiness.

Fragrances help make life more complete.

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